Work and Play

I worked four days out of five last week and how quickly the routine kicks in and the reflection time goes out the window. I stopped doing yoga on day four and didn’t write in my journal all week.

I find money just slips through my  fingers too on car parking, food, coffees and so on. It really does seem cheaper not to work.

While I am writing the OH is watching Once Were Warriors and it knots my stomach up to the point where I have to leave. Twenty years on and child poverty and violence seems to only be worse.

Dark Horse just reiterated the terrible and frightening lives some children endure.

It was heartening to read about Children’s Commissioner, Russell Wills,in the latest Listener. What an amazing man. He only agreed to take the job on if he could continue as a paediatrition at Hawks Bay Hospital. What an amazing job he is doing in an extremely depressing environment.

What can I do to make a contribution is a question I am grappling with.  I feel so impotent sitting here knitting and reading and indulging myself in very comfortable surroundings.

So on I go making tiles and knitting.

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I was thinking maybe I could knit for babies in hospital.

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I feel so disturb by the violence even in films but I can’t just complain about it if I am not going to do anything about it.

Let’s make sure everyone votes!! FG

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