Sunday Lovely Sunday

Awoke today to the most perfect Spring  morning. I then cooked up a storm for lunch. Some old favourites like the foccacia bread and olive tarts but two new things as well, beetroot humus and pineapple chutney (yum!).

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The only other important ingredient was good friends to share it with.


We wined and dined outside in the warmth of the Spring sun.

Having eaten so much I had a bit of a laze in the sun with a book. Just finished  it today, called In The Shadow of Trees by Elenor Gill. It’s a NZ story and was quite a good read.


Having lazed about I thought a walk would do me good so I meandered down to Mairangi Bay and took Spring photos as I went along.

The grape leaves are just beginning to unfurl.
Beautiful purple magnolias peeking over the fence.

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On the homeward stretch the sun was setting beautifully.


I am working for the next two weeks sadly, so my blog posts will be short. Have a great week, FG.

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