Out Damn Spring!

I’m sitting here with a hay fever headache, sore ears, oozing eyes and a blocked nose. The roof of my mouth is like corrugated iron and so itchy!! So here is my anti spring poem:

Out Damn Spring
(Bah Humbug)

I hate spring because
Everything’s new like lust
And lounge suites.

The light is smart
The growth obscene
In its smug luxuriance.

People smile in cahoots
With strangers, lambs frolic,
Calves cavort, dammit.

I hate the green of Spring
My nose itches, I get red spots
In Spring.

Everyone is hopeful,
There’s spring in their steps.
O come back dour winter so we know
Where we stand, and teach this spring
A thing or two.

There’s a bucket of yellow daffodils
Trumpeting at my door,
Their frilly faces like babies in bonnets
Silly kids in the school play.

Blast, I’m smiling like a goon.


Thank you Patsy, for the lovely spring flowers 🙂


One Reply to “Out Damn Spring!”

  1. Don’t have any damn spring here!!!!! Snowed last night. Wouldn’t mind a touch of spring, although haven’t had enough skiing yet!!! Come and visit and you can have another hit of winter!!! Ice on the insides of the windows this morning. Can’t wait for the new house!!! Double glazing, argon filled. 150ml walls and double insulation!!!And my lovely, new lime green fire


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