Birthday party

Last evening was lovely. Being with Sam on his birthday, his cuzzies joining us felt so relaxed and comfortable. Sophie and Alexandra grew up with Sam next door so they know each other very well. They were ballet girls so had a great time dressing Sam up and he usually went along with it.

Sophie and Alexandra dressed Sam, complete with scar, for an Action Man competition in the local mall. He went as a climber extreme. (So glad he turned to music growing up and not climbing). He won of course…..

I decided on a make -your -own- kind of dinner with homemade rolls, fish burgers, vege burgers, and then sliced tomato, peppers, avocado etc. I also made Libby Weaver’s cashew sauce. (I love it and it can go on pretty much anything, fish, burgers, vegetables). Then each person could make up their dinner to suit. I followed up with a carrot cake. It wasn’t all that exciting so might make something different next time.

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Libby Weaver’s Cashew Sauce:

3/4 cup unsalted cashew nuts

1/2 clove garlic

1/2 cup water

juice half a lemon

pinch cumin

2 tablespoons fresh coriander

salt to taste

Whiz cashews and garlic until well-ground, add water, lemon juice and process until smooth and creamy. Fold in coriander and a pinch of salt. yummy

Sophie has just become engaged to Auldan so I had fun prettying up a little package of tiles.
I iced half of my carrot cake as some people prefer it plain and just put the icing on the table for any extra requirements.
I love setting the table and faffing about with candles.
I modified the 2 year old card I bought in Paihia to a 22…


The before shot.
From 2 to 22
Not easy getting the girls and Sam in the same frame… 🙂
And reluctantly photographed with Mummy…

In the past we would probably have gone out for dinner and spent a couple of hundred dollars. I had a lot of fun preparing for the party  and it was so nice just to be at home.

The meal probably cost around 40 dollars plus a bottle of bubbly. We used the avocados and tomatoes from the Kerikeri market and the smell of freshly made bread is lovely too.  We will be having the leftovers for dinner!

Have a great day, FG


2 Replies to “Birthday party”

  1. Sam could have balanced one cuzzy on each knee…
    You make everything look so attractive. Well done- your generosity of spirit is warm and all enveloping


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