Big and Little

We had a wonderful few days away and I love the drive up to Russell. I like to stop at Kawakawa because of the HunderTwasser loos. It is in some ways a little bit depressing as the shops are down at heel and there is an air of poverty but the influence of the artist lives on which gives the whole place a lift.

hundertwasser collage


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I am an avid tea towel collector ever since a friend gave me a book on tea towels. They are a great way to preserve memories  while doing the dishes…Bruce bought me this one.


Spring was starting to peek around every corner and the weather was generally not too bad and lovely on Sunday. Lambs really do leap with all four feet off the ground, I saw them.


On the way we also visited a couple of vineyards.

Bruce at Omata is a great person to chat to about the local area and the lowdown on wine, golf, diving and fishing.

Omata Estate Vineyard

Equally Paras at Paroa Vineyard was very helpful and friendly. The settings were both gorgeous with views out over the vines, geese honking, a lake, sculptures all to enjoy.


After taking the car ferry from Pahia we arrived at The Duke  to a warm welcome and an appetite for dinner. Below is a collage of the big picture but I also noticed lots of smaller things.

RussellSmall things like:

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It can be expensive on holiday but we got the great grab one deal for the hotel and then brought cheeses, breads, tea and crackers for lunches and snacks from home and also at the Kerikeri market. We paid for the grab one a while ago and so it was just the extras and the petrol costs.

Delicious fruit bread from the market.

01c896ddf4393c7b86e298c9df210141d2f91e7934 - Copy
Choc covered cherries were pretty fab too from Makana Chocs.
Kerikeri is renowned for its citrus.

On Saturday we went on the passenger ferry to Paihia and I found this little treasure trove run by Anne. I spent at least an hour in there while Bruce sat in the late afternoon sunshine with a beer in hand on the waterfront. It is called Anchor Antiques.

01a4ffc432f8107f98294df3608dc8aa6e928359f3 - Copy
My purchases for the princely sum of $17.00 lovely old cards for my tiles, some antiques buttons for my sister’s colonial dolls and an old collapsible toy for my friend. Anne was very patient and listened to my chatter and gave me some great bargains. Go here if you are in Paihia. It’s a great way to indulge without overdoing it.

01c85dfc1bf328aa6674fb28d66db3e348a95d9038 - Copy - Copy 01dbb2a3bc5df3086fd9044e91b1902c825d87ae32 - Copy 01e7b6f4fc13fa0f117a622aeb8a4a1bd0383fba6c - Copy 01f5b41397cf9553df07adba4b87373a1109a5cf09 - Copy


Well have to go and put the bread on and make a birthday cake for my lovely boy. His cuzzies are coming over to celebrate with us. Really looking forward to seeing them all. He is 22 today so this time 22 years ago I was in the middle of a 28 hour labour…but boy was it worth it!!!!!

Happy Birthday my lovely Sam
The cuzzies are a bit more grown up now so I hope they will let me take some pics tonight.

Have a great day. FG





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