Three month review- giving up the day job

It is three months today that I left my job. Yesterday, someone asked me if I would ever go back to work and off the top of my head I said, “Maybe three days a week.”

Last night I had what I call work nightmares, anxiety dreams about being back at work. I know now that I will never go back to regular, permanent work. I have a few potential speaking jobs coming up and some contract work but I remain in a state of bliss about just being at home.

I love the time to cook, read, knit, do tiles and catch up with things. I have to admit I even like housework!  I am disappointed that I haven’t lost weight but am working on it. I haven’t missed having a huge amount of disposable income and am happy to bypass the shops generally. I think I save about $100 on food per fortnight.

Last night’s dinner was from the WW Cookbook and was delicious. It looks a bit wrinkly now… but I had leftovers for lunch and it was still yummy and apparently freezes well. It used beef in the recipe but I just minced a coupe of chicken breasts.


Yesterday  I went with my friend Deb to the wool shops to choose some wool for a snood for her. We had a great time messing about and looking at colours and styles.

Needless to say I couldn’t wait to get started.

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I can really recommend both Crafty Nitwits and Wild and Woolly Yarns for their friendly service and expertise.

Wild and Woolly Yarns
10 Victoria Rd, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand
+64 (0)9 445 3255
I hope to finish the snood over the weekend as we are taking a three day weekend up at the Duke of Marlborough in the northern town of Russell. We went last year on the same Grabone deal and absolutely loved it. The food is fantastic and for just $150 you get dinner, bed and breakfast. 

Hope all is going well with you. If you are thinking of living more simply or giving up work please comment below. FG

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