Every Girl’s Dream- An Organised Closet

Last week’e poetry assignment was to write a sonic poem. As far As I could understand that was just using associated sounds to put together the poem. In the last week I have clearly been watching too much Living Channel ans I wrote down two phrases I thought were ridiculous.

Every girl’s dream-an organised closet

Your number 1 enemy-clutter!

Now while I would like to have a tidy wardrobe and less clutter, they are not life changing events and if that is all you have to worry about in terms of your number one enemy I’d say we’re OK.

 I chose the first phrase for my sonic poem and below are the words I started with:

close it, closest, closeted, organ, cossetted,am,eyes, man, galvanised,eve, grills, ills, damn, am ankle, anklet,manacle, maniacal, magical,cloistered,claustrophobic, catastrophe,trophy, crocheted,strophic, shut up, ossify,shut trap,rapture,departure,cache, drone, done , concreted,clap trap, open it up.

here’s the poem:

Every Girls’ Dream- an organised closet

 Galvanised to close it Eve

Shut down the grills, manacle the ankles

Cloister the organs in claustrophobic atrophy.

Shut up the trophy, cossetted to ossify,

Concreted, crocheted, clap trap rapture.


Man-eyed, maniacal departure,

Cache the drone, the ill crone done

To keep the trap shut, the flap closed.

The hatch catch shuttered.

You’re the closest, damn it, Adam, open it.


Sue Heggie

Have a great week wherever you are, Spring is on its way here and I know I should be grateful but hay fever arrives at the same time. I prefer my magnolias and orchids as De Gournay wallpaper. A mere 900 dollars per drop. FG

de gournay


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