Food, flaws and film

Yoga  tick

30 minute walk yesterday tick

healthy breakfast…..not so sure


Still it will end up being lunch too and the grapefruit is lovingly prepared for me and is homegrown.

Call me childish, the bum pear below reminded me of Miranda, “rude” and also her own fruit friends. I glad someone else is as immature as I am even if it is only a TV series.



Now, flaws… I have a lot. Sounds like the beginning of a song. I also had a tendency to ruminate and flagellate not to mention berate, myself over every transgression, moment of poor judgement and so on. So today my key words are bounce back and resilience.  Sure, reflect, apologise and try to do better next time but move on! (I’m talking to myself here but you may want to join in if you have the same tendency. )

So after making amends I went to Browns Bay and breathed in the beautiful sea air on a beautiful day and took myself off for a walk. Yes along the cliff edge but had no thought of throwing myself off.  I forgave myself.

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Films: If you get the chance  and haven’t already, go and see The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz. Directed by Brian Knappenberger he “expertly documents Swartz’s short life, combining home video, stock footage and new interviews to lucid and moving effect.” (FF booklet). The juxtaposition of this dear little gifted boy in home videos with the lunacy of aggressive, self-serving government prosecutors is profoundly disturbing.

The singling out of this young lad for illegally downloading academic journals to spread access to all and not for profit at all and threatening to imprison him for 30 years sits alongside the cretins of Wall Street, who remain completely free and without prosecution and who now continue to dine with the President.

This film remains alongside and earlier post about the documentary about the corrupt judge who imprisoned hundreds of teenagers for really minor offences. It is called Kids For Cash. I hope you can catch this one too.

Off to make some Libby Weaver’s brain balls, work on some tiles, take a walk and then another film.  Life is good and I’m lucky, have a good day. FG




2 Replies to “Food, flaws and film”

  1. Hey Sue -You are absolutely right – life IS good – even though here in Wellington the predominant colour was grey AGAIN and I had to put my sheets through the machine (again) because there hasn’t been a hanging out day for quite a while.

    I was with you all through those stunning photos and even the bum pear / per bum and what breakfast looked like – except for those wondrous grapefruit slices – and you’re so right about The Internet’s Boy – he was so intelligent and so naively innocent but he had hope and they took that from him – The BASTARDS!!! But then I saw the brain balls – they do look a little like cat food. Gotta recipe? or a food review?

    I’m glad we’re moving on past constraints and hopefully on to something less esoteric. Going to see the Galapagos Affair tomorrow to celebrate (anything) – rain or shine. Do you know there’s a belief that the Galapagos tortoises have the power to stare into the souls of men – though what they do after that is anyone’s guess.


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