Repurposing old poems

Today the Iowa Poetry Course exercise to was to look at old lines, or journal notes or to relook at old poems. I chose Like Love, a poem I wrote over nine years ago when love was young. I’m not happy with it but it is fun to play around and reflect again on old work. Please feel free to comment and play around with ideas.

Like Love

From a distance
It looked like a brilliant
White heron
Poised and elegant in the lagoon

How magnificent then,
That on closer inspection
It was a brilliant white heron
The alps a backdrop to its timely appearance
On this, the clearest of days.

Like Love Too

From much closer
He leaves the ginger tea
Fine china
Fragrant and warm in the bedroom

How wonderful then,
that tea in a perfect cup
is worthy of a still moment
the bed a backdrop to its timely appearance
on this, a Tuesday in June.


How very lucky then
That we cycle still in tandem
To see, just at the same moment
The heron, wading by the bridge
White skirt hoisted, a cursory turn of the head
On this, the most ordinary of days
Like Love Again
Up closer
It looks like the blasted
Oven fan
Has blown finally and for good

How very warming then,
That the young electrician
Arrives to my surprise to repair and put right
On this, the greyest of days

A random line appeared today and this is what happened:


I thought you said, ” I love you darling”

but instead it was, “I love your daring”

I think I might like darling more than daring.

I dare you my darling.

I hope you have had a good day. I went to an group I once contributed to for my farewell. I felt as though I had emerged into an alien world, although it was lovely to see people. I love my new life and would not swap time for money again unless I really needed the basics of food and shelter… and movies. FG



4 Replies to “Repurposing old poems”

  1. Sue. Loving your blog and your obvious sheer enjoyment of your new “life”. Over in oz but will catch up on my return early August.


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