Brain Balls and Herons at Okarito

Morning all, a busy day for me today with appointments and visiting.  When I first mooted giving up the day job, friends and me too I guess, were concerned that I would not cope with the lack of social contact. I keep wondering if it will begin some day but more and more I love the quiet, the time to sit and think, I rarely watch television- just the living channel 🙂 when I’m knitting in the late afternoon. I relish the quiet, the sun streaming in, the full day ahead.

This morning after yoga I made healthy seed balls based on a Dr Libby Weaver recipe. She says these are great when you get the 4 pm chocolate cravings and I agree. If you want the proper recipe and loads of other dairy-free, gluten -free recipes, buy Dr Libby’s Real Food Chef. Other wise her brain balls can be found free here.



I just throw in the nuts of any kind, linseed, sesame seeds, then 8 dates, vanilla, 2 tablespoons of water and the cacao powder. I’m taking half my batch to a breast-feeding mother as i think these will be reasonably healthy for her.

After yesterday’s poetry exercise the only phrase that I  wrote that I liked was the “skirt hoisted” heron so I have taken that and expanded it into another poem stemming from a trip to the most beautiful Okarito Lagoon, in the South Island, famous for white herons. We went on the most perfect of days, bluer than blue and there were more herons than our guide had ever seen perched in the trees- magical.

Herons at Okarito Lagoon


She stands on lean legs in the lagoon.

Her skirt hoisted to her thighs, her reflection

a mirror.


The congress in the trees, hunch importantly,

Perched smugly, their white judge-heads peering

Down to the water.

They cannot see themselves.


They imagine her

the hussy, bitch, tart,

the beauty so unaware that they all

want her, all of her, all of them.


Sue Heggie

Have a great day, wherever you are. FG


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