Domesti City here…

Yesterday was a full on knitting day as it is the OH’s birthday today and of course I had to do it in secret. Here is the finished product.

Birthday boy scarf

Then I made parmesan crispy angels to have with the artichoke dip when my friends came for dinner. They are only angel shaped because I could’t find a little round cookie cutter.


Today my son Sam had all four wisdom teeth out so broccoli soup, vegetarian curry and TLC were on the menu. He is remarkably stoic and is enjoying a day on the couch in the rain with a good book.

No wisdom left

The demanding OH wants a Christmas birthday cake so it is in the oven as we speak. I forgot the essences but I think there is enough brandy in there to make up for the vanilla.

I am a little nervous as I have booked myself in to the St Helier’s Library poetry/prose reading tonight at 6:30 but hey nothing much to lose apart from credibility and dignity.

Where does the time go? I had plans to write up chapter 4 of the Pyrenees adventure and put on another poem but am going to help a friend and her mother shortly before the library thing. I guess the great thing is that tomorrow is another day. Hope all is well in your world.

Found another 25 minutes so am putting this poem up for Bruce on his birthday. I wrote it nine long years ago after a trip to Akaroa. On the way we stopped because I thought I saw either a heron or a white fence post. It’s the closest I have got to writing a love poem 🙂

Like Love- for Bruce

From a distance
It looked like a brilliant
White heron
Poised and elegant in the lagoon.

How magnificent then,
That on closer inspection
It was a brilliant white heron
The alps a backdrop to its timely appearance
On this, the clearest of days.

 Sue Heggie


I also put it on a tile as an experiment to see if poems would print and preserve on tiles. The print is a little small but otherwise it seems fine.


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