Hi everyone, I am very excited to have signed up for a Massive Online Open Course from Iowa University. It is for six weeks starting June 28 and it’s free. I hope some of you might be interested in doing the same. Here is the link:

This week i have been very social with lunches out, walks, movies etc. so the housework details I was going to concentrate on went out the window. Still, I finished my little quilt and it s sooo warm.



As I had some wool left over I have started on a basic garter stitch scarf to finish it all up.


Also I have made some more tiles and will do the final coat this weekend. Looks like there is a bit of a cat theme developing…

My friend Bev drew these cats for my son when he was a little boy
From top left: cartoon cats by Jeffrey Brown,Cat with broken leg by Peter Hammer-Verlag, cat from British museum postcard, postcard from The Netherlands

01fd8419c94149fb541779cf7b84ff1f8f23528755  010e0f21ab71a730d24e864ee14d5b640bf020725b 012b7e0f5b781627849ae99b9b5bf81757844ad945






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