The Fault in our Stars

Yes, this is the teen book and film of the moment. It is easy to be cynical and critique the Americanisms and call it schmaltzy as I heard the reviewer on the radio comment in a snarky voice. But, my son and all his friends have read the book and enjoyed the movie. I have just enjoyed the movie.


A friend’s little 7 year old nephew is dying of cancer as we speak, the poem below is for a friend whose son died of a silly mole on his leg. Shit happens.

Yet another little baby is in a critical condition from a bashing by a young male.

I was berating myself yesterday for not losing weight now that I’ve stopped working, telling myself how clumsy I am with sewing up my quilt and not doing a good job, criticising myself for not achieving all of the things on my list by now, wondering if I was stupid writing a blog, worrying about not having enough money etc etc.

Then I received a text from my sister who was in hospital with pneumonia and influenza.

Good reminder to be thankful.

The Painkillers

The bereft mother returned
The unused morphine to the chemist shop
When he died.

The young girl at the counter
Took the contents of the bag
And said brightly,
“Great, thanks,” as she turned to help
The old man with something for his piles.

Sue Heggie

Just a reminder that I will be sending the coaster tile below to a random person who has subscribed to my blog so far. Will choose and let someone know on Friday.

IMG_5993 (480x640)

Have a happy week. FG


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