Did I mention I love France….

I was hopeless at French at school so I don’t know why I love France and all things French so much. When I went there I had no idea where I was going and literally googled “a place to live in France for six months”. The wonderful thing about that was that no matter what, each new day would inevitably be different and bring new experiences which made it so exciting. The first night in the converted barn in Campgast, I sobbed my heart out. What was I doing there? I don’t know anyone? It’s lonely..? Sam started crying as well and when I asked him why he was crying, he said because I was. I knew right then I had to pull myself together. It was the one and only time I cried in France until the day I had to go home. ( if you are interested in this little sortie please read the tab above entitled “A Little Adventure in the Pyrenees”)


Of course it isn’t the perfect place in the world, nowhere is but for me for six months it was a wonderful interlude in my life. Having gone through a restless phase just recently I returned to “my” little village and then did some travelling, ending up in Paris visiting friends along the way. I had a terrific time and could have stayed another month in Paris but this time I was really happy to come home. Maybe it was because I was alone and had left my partner and son in Auckland but I think I felt more foreign this time and was happy to return to an Auckland summer and to my own home.

That hasn’t stopped me trying to recreate little bits of France at home…


I was lucky enough to stay at the Chateau Carbonneau because it belongs to a friend from teaching days long past. If you like luxurious surroundings, great wine, Bearnaise sheep dogs, Aquitaine cattle, beautiful food and a boutique vineyard, book a few nights with them! 🙂  I found their wine in my local wine shop so it was a real injection of sweet memories for me.


A cursory photo shoot at home…

IMG_5988 IMG_5989 IMG_5987 IMG_5986 IMG_5983IMG_5991 Collage

It’s a good Thursday when your son comes in and shares his tofu curry with you… FG




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