Progress review

Well it has been 4  weeks since I chucked in the day job.

  • yoga sessions 20
  • blogs 20
  • tiles completed 26
  • garden tidied 2
  • extra cleaning 0
  • moments of pure bliss 306
  • books read 5
  • knitting 20 hours
  • regrets 0

As you can see I haven’t done the extra cleaning or as much gardening as I intended but I figure there is still plenty of time, After all the tennis has been on and now the cricket has started…… Good on Kane Williamson.

I am really enjoying the quiet craft pursuits of tile decoupage and knitting. I am making a blanket for no particular reason and at considerable cost. Once again, I could buy a fleece blanket for next to nothing but the process of knitting has a meditative, gentle quality and frees the mind to think of other things. I can see why some people find it healing after a set back or when they are grieving. (A little scarf kit would be a good present for someone in that position). I like to knit squares, so blankets and dish cloths are my signature presents- sorry everyone!


My other little hobby that I am just learning about is tile decoupage. I have put some pictures below. Once again, the cost of the materials far outweighs their actual worth but it is a lot of fun and I find myself just getting lost in making them. I have given a few away which was my purpose in making them and maybe I will reach the dizzying heights of the Devonport craft market in July if I make enough perfect ones. I will open a tile tab above some time soon. I have experimented and it is possible to put poems on them so will work on that too.

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Some years ago I read Martin Seligman’s book, “Flourish”  and he refers to the concept of flow and that the pursuit of just happiness is insufficient. He developed the acronym PERMA as a summary of a meaningful life. I finally feel as though I am working towards this state.

According to Seligman, PERMA makes up five important building blocks of well-being and happiness:

Positive emotions – feeling good
Engagement – being completely absorbed in activities
Relationships – being authentically connected to others
Meaning – purposeful existence
Achievement – a sense of accomplishment and success

You can find out more on the above link. Seligman is head of American Psychology so his work is grounded in science.

Another useful local resource is The Resilience Institute founded by Sven Hansen. I referred to this diagram often as I had it pinned up at work and as I realised I was on the way down the spiral rather than up I knew I needed to make some changes. Below is the  “up” part of the cycle and I was headed for disengagement, anxiety, worry, etc. near the bottom of the spiral.

And while knitting and faffing about with tiles and reading and cooking may not sound like earth shattering activities :), I feel a contentment that I haven’t experienced for a long time.

Hope you are getting into the flow whatever you are up to today. FG

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