Care packages

I have just one son and I regard him through rosy-tinted lenses about 4 feet thick. Now that I am not earning much money I look to support him in other ways. He is studying postgraduate environmental science and is flatting with 8 others. Sam has always shown the way in frugality…in fact i would describe him as overly so. He is a vegetarian and survived one year on $15 per week for food. At 6 feet tall and long and lean I didn’t think this was a particularly healthy existence. He has since become much more adept at cooking and being aware of the nutrients needed for good health.  Right now he is very busy with both his part time work and his studies so this morning I am taking him a small care package of pumpkin pie and chocolate chip biscuits. He is very tolerant of being s-mothered and I look forward to a quick catch up today.


Our main method of communication is snap chat which I find really frustrating as the image is gone before you know it,  and messaging- two word messages from him and long epistles from me filled with typos. Some examples from Sam’s messages:

That would be all good

Thanks 🙂

Ha ha sure 

How do you show your affection for your children?

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