Books I’m reading

Today I thought I would make mention of a series of books I have been reading. I guess they fit in the “self-help” category but as Alain Botton says of the series, “Here are books that prove that the term ‘self-help’ doesn’t have to be either shallow or naive.” Mind you, he does write one of them. I consider them to be easy-reading philosophy books.  They are called The School  of Life series and come in two volumes. The ones that are asterisked are the ones I’ve read so far. They are all by different authors.

Toolkit for Life Vol. 1 includes the following titles:

How to Find Fulfilling Work  * I read this one after I had resigned but it was very reassuring.
How to Stay Sane 
How to Worry Less about Money  *
How to Think More about Sex *
How to Thrive in the Digital Age 
How to Change the World 

Toolkit for Life Vol. 2 includes the following titles:

How To Be Alone
How To Develop Emotional Health
How To Deal with Adversity * currently reading
How To Connect with Nature *
How To Think About Exercise *

I am not reading them in any particular order, just what becomes free on the Auckland Library Borrow Box kindle service. And of course I enjoyed some more than others.

I usually have a few books on the go so I am also reading Knitting Yarns, Writers on Knitting, a collection of short stories edited by Ann Hood. My son gave this to me for my birthday and while I am not usually a great fan of short stories I am loving it. So much so that I went to the library and and got out Ann Hood’s The Knitting Circle. I tend to enjoy Canadian writers more than American writers but  I am enjoying this and it is keeping my attention.

It also inspired me to finish another square of a blanket I am knitting. What comes across strongly is that knitting has a meditative, soothing quality that helps calm and comfort.

Let me know what you are reading. Sue


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