Some small changes to save money

This morning I am contemplating a few of the small changes I’ve made to save money for my new life style.

I no longer download new books without thinking. I belong to the library of course but am really enjoying their free kindle books on Borrow Box and Bluefire Reader. I haven’t used Overdrive yet but plan to try it out soon.

I have unsubscribed to any tempting “Sale” emails e.g. Onceit, Max, Repertoire; the list is endless. It is such a relief not to go to my inbox and see all these emails as well.

I have stopped getting a monthly magazine which was expensive, $20.00 a copy. I will buy one occasionally for a treat.

I am making gifts rather than buying them. I am knitting and making tiles and cards. Cards are very expensive and can be up to $8 and making them is fun and easy. Once again though, to set yourself up with materials, card, etc. is expensive to start with. I save paper and ribbons and keep them in the “Susan” drawer in the kitchen.

I am now going to cheaper movies because I can as they are usually before 5 pm.

I am looking at cheap flights to visit Christchurch and Dunedin because once again, if you don’t need to go at weekends it is a lot cheaper.

I am shopping more efficiently and making sure we don’t end up throwing food out because we haven’t got around to cooking it.

I know none of these things is particularly new or earth-shattering but I think it is easier to live more cheaply without working by not needing public transport costs, new clothes, make up, fast food, coffees, drinks after work and so on.

I still like these things though! I just think more about options, have people home more often and rather than lunch and coffee out I might do lunch as a picnic followed by a nice coffee at a cafe. Auckland is so fantastic for walks and parks.

At the weekend we went for a walk in the newly completed La Rosa gardens reserve in West Auckland where they have returned the stream to a more natural form to support plant life and provide a haven for native birds. A bonus was running into an ex pupil who was with her young children at the playground. Afterwards we strolled along the beach at Blockhouse Bay.


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