Keeping the budget in check

Feeling a bit creaky as I have done the TV yoga every day. I used to do it regularly but slacked off to zero after a couple of years so getting back into it is goood. However, I realise how stiff and inflexible I’ve become. I used to be able to reach my toes easily.

Today I have been sorting stuff to sell, as a friend and I are going to the Browns Bay market very early on Sunday morning and I have also put one or two things on I feel a bit penny pinching as I could just give them away but as I am trying to live on just $50 per week for what I’m calling frivolity and the doco film festival has started I need all the cash I can get. Apart from the money it feels good to clear out stuff I know I’m never going to fit again.

This morning I have been working on transferring poems to my tiles. It seems to work OK. So far I have just done decoupage on tiles for gifts for friends, it makes a change from the dish cloths… I will post one with a poem when I have experimented a bit more.

photo 1photo 2


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