Faux Frugality?

I was thinking today about the luxury of frugality. In particular we have three garden beds out of which we have harvested quite a lot of rocket, lots of tomatoes, accidentally fed friends daikon radish leaves for some time (thought it was cress),some dried up corn and picked some beautiful sweet peas. We do also have a variety of herbs that we use regularly.

However, the beds were about $400 each from a wonderful company called Patch from Scratch. They arrived while we were at work and when we came home there they were all lined up and filled with organic soil. While this is lovely and we really enjoy having them it is going to take many years to actually start making any sort of profit from the garden. Also the stuff we have grown can be bought really cheaply all summer from the nice van that parked up the road. Hmm the budget doesn’t really add up.

IMG_5925 (480x640)

Another example is that I like to knit, (I know, I know I’m trendy..) and more specifically I like to knit dishcloths with pretty patterns on them for friends. However I like eco -yarns and organic cotton and bamboo which makes the wool really expensive. You can buy a good old absorbent dishcloth in the super market for around $2.00. Not really frugal living…


One Reply to “Faux Frugality?”

  1. Hi Sue,
    Well, I’m reading it! I do the knitting and vege gardening, at great expense but the buzz comes from the satisfaction of the making, the self-produce. Certainly not ‘frugal’ activities right now though.


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