Getting to grips with blogging

I am just learning the ropes with the website and am not sure why I am telling you this as no one will have read it yet… However, my intentions are several-fold; to write, and publish poetry, to write the story of my son and I going to the Pyrenees for six months when he was eleven and to record my attempt to be more frugal and to live more simply.

This is day 2 and yes, I did the yoga. I wonder if i can keep up the routine. I moved a cupboard from one room to another and when I cleared it out there was actually nothing in there that I wanted or needed to keep. I think maybe half the stuff in the house is like that.

Part of my inspiration came from a blog called  written by an Australian woman about being more frugal. I was fortunate to take myself to France and Germany last year and was disheartened by the duty free shopping. Skinny, bored girls selling ridiculously over-priced handbags and perfumes where the packaging is most of the price. It helped me move further away from collecting stuff.

I’m middle class and hardly living the simple life right now but if I make an effort to grow my own vegetables and cut down on buying things I don’t need then maybe its a tiny contribution to the planet. I don’t have a mortgage but I can see already I’ll need some income for the big ticket items. My car is leaking oil right now for example. I also left the oven on very high grill with the door shut and came back to the sound of a jet engine in my kitchen. It still seems to work for the moment although it is still noisier than it was.

I was interested that colleagues couldn’t believe i just want to be at home and I was told many times  that I was far too social and would need more of a challenge. We’ll see.


3 Replies to “Getting to grips with blogging”

  1. I enjoyed Day One Sue…except visiting Stanley doesn’t feature in your list of things to do.
    I think that you are on the right track in simplifying your life – I wonder is this a stage we reach? Growing up and being sensible! Bring it on 🙂


  2. Nice one Sue, keep it up 🙂
    You can Google how to grow your blog to get some ideas of how to make it more popular. Xx Lucila.


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