Day One

Yoga on TV check,

Technology set up, check,

Trying to set up web site- ongoing

Beetroot from garden cooked, check

small cleaning job, check

I have been thinking of giving up full-time work for about two years. I have convinced myself it is possible to live more simply, be more frugal and become more creative with more time on my hands.

I’m a little bit anxious and know it could all turn to custard and my nice fat salary will be sorely missed. I might be very lonely and miss the fun of collegiality.

Then again, I might be more creative, write more, be kinder to the planet and myself. I hope you will join me on this little experiment and contribute your own experiences.

Fluffy George is the name of my childhood bear and he features at the top of the page. Like me he has been around a while and is well-worn. My mother darned his forehead after I left him to dry leaning up against the fireguard. The painting of F George is by Sam Mahon, a NZ artist but I still have the real FG and will add a photo forthwith.



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